REAL Teen Werewolves You might actually find a real werewolf in your school. The way to tell if someone is one is that their personality and their hair is wild. You could also find out just by asking them if they know anything about wolves. The response they will give you is, "Well, I know what they eat." So if they say that try indicating that you know what they are, because if you say it straight up that they are a werewolf, they might think you are crazy or go into denial. They have packs too. You could tell if a bunch of secretive guys that are fit talk to the same group of people. Unless they are jocks, because then they are just that... Jocks. But if you see kids that you don't get or understand, you might have a werewolf on your hands.

Werewolves are just like Vampires and Lycans. The transformation is not "spiritual" or just an "astral plane" thing, it is physical. Their spines switch from human to canine, their hair follicals stimulate, and their face and body changes completely. They will drop to the ground in pain the first time they do change. And the hair color is always their least favorite color, (that can be a fur color), and they have a really good sense or good senses. When they change, they have a mini heart attack. Their kidneys also shut down and it is VERY VERY painful. It is worse than birth. It is also longer than birth too.

You can become a werewolf through DNA transfer or through ritual. Surprisingly there are correct rituals on the internet. Just look up werewolf spells and rituals and you shall find it. And do not give any information about others or yourself being one, because it is against wolf code. And yes that sounds corny and cliche, but it is true.

And if you want to transform, there is no specific way to do it. All you have to do is meditate and concentrate on it for a while, or you might just change out of anger or instinct.

-- 14:59, May 18, 2012 (UTC)Cindy Frank-- 14:59, May 18, 2012 (UTC)