• Isaaclahey.lover14

    So i know in my first one that i will post my werewolve essay here but its Calum's bday 2day!!!!!!!!!YAYAYAYAYAYA!!! Also i didn't finish it yet so yah.

    Instagram: mxxnlight.shadxw

    Twitter: sarahmcp214


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  • Isaaclahey.lover14

    First Post.

    January 24, 2015 by Isaaclahey.lover14

    So hey this is my first blog... and yeah. I love Isaac Lahey and HE'S MINE btw. And I have a total obssesion with Teen Wolf. I might post my essay on werewolves on my second blogpost AFTER I FINISH so yah be patient. Well I don't know how to end this but yahh.. bi!

    Twitter: sarahmcp214

    instagram: mxxnlight.shadxw

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  • BlackMind


    May 10, 2010 by BlackMind

    Dear Readers.

    My name is Aaron Jordan as you see I am creating a werewolf series on the computer and then writing the same one with the similar characters. Respond with maturity. I want this story to be perfect. So play along or respond for correction.

    -Thank You.

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  • BlackMind

    New Me.

    May 10, 2010 by BlackMind

    I can't believe whats' happening to me.

    I 'm fighting people with one had. Eating raw meat, running a not so normal human speeds and picking up my own mothers car with my bare hands. This is incredible.

    But there's one problem. There's a new kid in town. David. Last time I saw him his skin burned at a sunlight picture.

    Another problem. Where are other werewolves. Are there any wolf packs I need to see.

    I need serious help. The first full moon comes in a couple of weeks, and I have alot to learn about taming the beast and my new found power.

    Dammit I see David right now pulling into his driveway down the street. I'm so suspicious about him if I'm a werewolf then he would be a vampire.

    I'll go on a hunt tonight to see if I can find the person resp…

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  • BlackMind


    April 23, 2010 by BlackMind

    How can i find a werewolf. where can i find one.

    I want power to better lives.

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  • BlackMind

    Werewolf Choronicles.

    April 20, 2010 by BlackMind

    Im Callum Nore.

    I've been attacked by something last night. A "wolf like" creature.

    It was also huge too. I can't stand thinking about it. I remember last night. I had a huge scratch and bit on my back. Now it's gone.

    Doctors did tests and said that I am "better than before".

    My asthma, GONE


    This is incredible. I'll post later. Bye

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  • Count-Uratha

    Vampire vs. Werewolf

    November 27, 2009 by Count-Uratha

    the thing about vampire vs. werewolf is that the werewolf is a fierce beast. the werewolf has strength, the vampire has speed and

    agility. now if the vampire gets close enough the werewolf can easily kill a vampire. but theres one disadvantage of the

    werewolf: the werewolf have to change back to human eventually, but the vampire has a disadvantage two that when the sun rises

    the vampire will burn if not in darkness. both of their disadvantages have to do with the sun.

    but the werewolf only changes back to human when the sun rises.

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  • Count-Uratha

    truths about werewolf

    November 23, 2009 by Count-Uratha

    well you know abouts myths of werewolves  well here is the truth:

    about silver bullets that kills them, but werewolves can be killed by stuff that kills real wolves.

    werewolves love the taste of human flesh. people that has werewolfism acts like an animal. and the way to get

    werewolfism is swimming in a cursed stream, drinking from a wolf's pawprint, or being placed under a curse by

    a witch or sorcerer that is the whole truth of werewolves

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