[You are all wrong]

I have looked at all of these wikis. And all of them are wrong. Alpha does not have an f in it. An alpha werewolf is not of its own species. Werewolves do not walk erect. And Lycans are far from being the same thing as a werewolf. You people need to realize that unless you are one, don't post information about werewolves that you get from the internet or that you get from a cheesy movie. Silver bullets do not kill a werewolf, a hard object, like a rock, to the head does. It knocks them out and gives you the perfect advantage to kill them. And werewolves are just people with the ability to transform their human shape into a wolf one. They just are a little bit bigger than the average wolf. And the fur color is their most hated color, (that can be a fur color). And alphas are destined or make the pack themselves. 25% cannot change and have the innability to love. 50% cannot change. 75% can only change on a harvest moon or out of anger. And 100% can change whenever they would like or out of anger also. You are all getting your sources for this information from the wrong place. I will have a real werewolf website and I will show you the true me. Thank you for your time.

-- 14:55, May 18, 2012 (UTC)Cindy Frank-- 14:55, May 18, 2012 (UTC)