Eddie Quist is a werewolf in The Howling (1981) movie adaptation of Gary Brandner’s novel by the same name. Karen's (attempted) attacker is named Eddie Quist (Robert Picardo), who is affiliated with “The Colony”.

Werewolf Transformation 22 The Howling I

Werewolf Transformation 22 The Howling I

1977 novelEdit

In The Howling 1977 horror novel by Gary Brandner, Karyn's rapist is named Max Quist, who is an ex-con (not a werewolf).[Please verify] Max had no involvement with the village of Drago or its inhabitants. When middle-class wife Karyn is attacked and raped by Max in her Los Angeles home, she suffers a miscarriage and a nervous breakdown. She and her husband, leave the city and go to stay in the secluded California mountain village of Drago while Karyn recuperates. [1]


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