I Was a Teenage Werewolf

I Was a Teenage Werewolf is a 1957 werewolf film. It centers aroung a young man named Tony Rivers that is turned into a werewolf by a psychologist.



  • Michael Landon as Tony Rivers
  • Yvonne Lime as Arlene Logan
  • Whit Bissell as Dr. Alfred Brandon
  • Malcolm Atterbury as Charles Rivers
  • Barney Phillips as Detective Sgt. Donovan
  • Robert Griffin as Police Chief Baker
  • Joseph Mell as Dr. Hugo Wagner
  • Louise Lewis as Principal Ferguson
  • Guy Williams as Officer Chris Stanley
  • Tony Marshall as Jimmy
  • Vladimir Sokoloff as Pepe, the Janitor
  • Kenny Miller as Vic
  • Cindy Robbins as Pearl
  • Michael Rougas as Frank
  • Dawn Richard as Theresa

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