Werewolf Megan
Megan was a villainous female werewolf from Dog Soldiers.


Megan became a werewolf when she was in Scotland studying them and their existence. She was forcibly adopted by a family of werewolves, who turned her. Since then, Megan had been suppressing her transformations; continuing to do so when a British Special Forces team arrived and enlisted for her help in searching for werewolves. Megan turned heel and betrayed the group by telling them that there were werewolves in the barn, while actually letting them inside the house. She later revealed that she lied to them and that she is a werewolf herself; having suppressed her transformation for a long time. Megan cemented herself as a villainess while a triumvirate of werewolves appeared from behind her and had their sights set on Cooper. At that moment, the evil Megan began her own transformation, brandishing yellow eyes and fangs and snarling at Cooper before she was shot in her left eye by Wells. The shot did not kill her, as Megan resurfaced (sans her left eye) as a werewolf and led her pack against Wells. Wells, who was undergoing his own change, later blew up the entire house, killing himself, Megan, and the other werewolves.