Priscilla was a villainous female werewolf from R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour, appearing in Season One's "Nightmare Inn."


Priscilla was one of the caretakers of the Night Time Inn, the other being Caleb, and she invited Jillian and her mother to stay at the inn for a few days. She sees Jillian talking to Caleb and she warned her that he was dangerous and she should stay away from him. Priscilla's warnings proved to be true when Caleb turned into a werewolf under the full moon and went after Jillian, who ran to Priscilla for help. However, Priscilla turned heel and shouted that she wanted to devour Jillian for herself, telling Caleb that she was hers. At that moment, the evil Priscilla flashed glowing red eyes and snarled at Caleb before she fell down the stairs. Priscilla transformed into a werewolf and fought Caleb before both of them went after the escaping Jillian. She later found Jillian in her hiding place, but at that moment, another werewolf (possibly Jillian's father) appeared and killed both Priscilla and Caleb.