Scott McCall is a student at Beacon Hills Highschool. He was bitten by a more beast-like werewolf known as an Alpha. Before he was bitten,he played on the lacrosse team and had a friend named Stiles Stilinski. The reason how he got attacked because he in the woods with Stiles. Stiles got caught by the sheriff(his dad)and was escorted out of the woods.(while looking for a dead body). Scott kept exploring when a herd of deer almost ran him over! A few minutes later a wolf-like creature bit his upper side. He showed Stiles the bite but it healed overnight. In class, a new girl named Allison Argent, who scott starts to have a crush on, has a seat behind him. Scott hands her a pen and smiles. The next night, Scott woke up in the woods. He started to panic,then he stands still in front of a tree, trying to figure out where he is. Then a arrow strikes him in the arm! He looks in front of him seeing three people in front of him,one of them steps forward telling the others to kill him. Just then,a speeding figure grabs him before he gets killed. It turns out that the figure is Derek Hale,another werewolf.Scott now thinks Derek bit him,but he explains that the ones that shot him with an arrow are werewolf hunters and also tells him that he gave him a gift (Derek did not bite Scott).Scott then says "I don't want it".He later learns how to control his transformations. he also forms a pack with a fox, who is Asain, his own beta is a complete wimp, who refuses to help out his alpha,