Get a mirror (big enough so that you can comfortably view your head) into your room. Wait until the sun's gone. Sunlight might destroy the magic in it's early stages, however it will get stronger over time. Make enough artificial light for you to see yourself in the mirror. Now sit comfortably and watch your face in the mirror, capture as many details as possible. Trace the contours of the eyes, nose, ears etc. Pay special attention to the eyes, notice their humanity.

IMPORTANT: Try to forget about your wish to become a wolf. Think about as a preparation prior to transformation, but do not commit yourself to a specific form. You don't have to do this for long, but do it concentrated and seriously. Feel your body (I mean the real body and NOT the one in the mirror!), accept it, possess it. View yourself as human not as wolf, be it repulsive or not. Your body will then be able to collect certain energies. Maybe your dreams will change, maybe not. Repeat this for 3 to 5 days, on the same time of day if possible.

Return the mirror to where it belongs, you don't need it anymore. Above, you've seen yourself as human. Now you won't see yourself anymore because you'll concentrate on the being you want to become.

Sit down, relax and imagine the wolf. Try to imagine the wolf as detailed as possible. He or she should look the same everytime, so imagine you personal super-favourite wolf. Let him run through forests, over hills, etc. The wolf should get more and more detailed every time you do it. But DON'T "summon" the wolf, DON'T see him as some kind of imaginary friend. Ever watched one of those BBC-documentries? It should look just like that, watch the details of your imaginary creature. After some days of this, try to imagine the smells of your imagination. It's much like if you see a hamburger on TV and could almost smell/taste it. The same applies here. And after another few days try to feel his fur. Don't try to rush things because it would lead to disappointment. Repeat for approx. 1-2 weeks.

Continue to imagine the wolf running through the forest (or whatever you want him to do) but now give him your name. It can be your real name, or any other name you're identifying with. Sounds odd. While you continue to watch him just keep in mind that his name is the same as yours. If your name is Jarod, the wolf's name is also Jarod.

this ain't finished...