The Werewolf

The Werewolf is a 1956 werewolf film.



  • Steven Ritch - Duncan Marsh
  • Don Megowan - Sheriff Jack Haines
  • Joyce Holden - Amy Standish
  • Eleanore Tanin - Helen Marsh
  • Kim Charney - Chris Marsh
  • Harry Lauter - Deputy Ben Clovey
  • Larry J. Blake - Hank Durgis
  • Ken Christy - Dr. Jonas Gilchrist
  • James Gavin - Mack Fanning
  • S. John Launer - Dr. Emery Forrest
  • George Lynn - Dr. Morgan Chambers
  • George Cisar - Hoxie
  • Marjorie Stapp - Min
  • Fred F. Sears - Narrator

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