Van Helsing is a 2004 family-oriented adventure film. The film attempted to crossover many classic Universal horror monsters and sell toys and other merchandies of a younger action hero version of Professor Van Helsing.

The film featured several werewolves.


The movie Van Helsing featured three werewolves, one of which was the heroine's brother, and another being, towards the end, Van Helsing himself. These characters and their transformations were rendered almost entirely through digital effects.
The Wolfman from Van Helsing

The first werewolf

Anna, the heroine in the film has a brother who is later turned into a werewolf. In the begining, they are trying to kill another werewolf. During the fight, the werewolf chases Anna. She is cornered, and when the werewolf goes to bite her, her brother, Velkan shoots the beast but they both fall off a cliff. It was assumed that he died. Later that night, it is revealed that Velkan did survive, but only because he was bitten by the werewolf. So now, he carries the power of the werewolf and is Dracula's slave.


Velkan attacking Van Helsing


Van Helsing as a werewolf

Towards the middle of the story, Van Helsing himself is bitten by Velkan. Velkan is killed by Van Helsing, but passed on his powers to Van Helsing. Even before he changes, Van Helsing has all his werewolf powers and uses them while he's in human form. He changes into a werewolf during his fight with Dracula. Van Helsing kills Dracula by biting him in the neck.

Interesting note: This film featured a (we are forced to assume) functional werewolf antidote.

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