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Werewolf pack
Pack on full moon.
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Werewolf packs usually consist of two or three groups, the Alpha Wolf, Beta Wolves and Omega Wolves. Wolves create packs because the bigger the pack the stronger they are. Also, because they use number as strength.

~I'onna Pitts


Alpha werewolves are created through being cursed, born a werewolf or by spell or bite. Alpha werewolves turn into wolf-like creatures at the night of the full moon and when they feel threatend. They have the ability to create betas through bites. Betas can also become Alpha werewolves, by killing his/her own Alpha wolf, who overtime become experienced enough and strong enough. Alphas don't necessasrily need a pack but in order to be strong they need a pack. Or can form a Alpha pack, just made of Alpha's.

~I'onna Pitts

Beta WerewolvesEdit

Beta werewolves are people who are bitten by alpha werewolves.

Beta werewolf transformations are not as strong as Alpha werewolf transformations and tend to grow slight amounts of hair with elongated nails and teeth.

Beta werewolves depend on the alpha werewolf they are under can be forced to transform against their will.

A beta werewolf can be turned into a alpha if they kill the alpha, or if they aretrue of soul.

ending by.

Watching Teen Wolf on MTV is a very good demonstration.

~I'onna Pitts

Omega WerewolvesEdit

Omega Werewolves are always alone since they either got kicked out of the pack by the leader, the Alpha, or they chose to travel alone. Since they have no pack, they were easily killed by hunters. They would usually be called 'The lone wolf'. As lone wolves, omegas tend to be weaker than alphas and betas however in certain cases omegas can be stronger than an alpha. Omegas can also start their own packs. And when they were in a pack they were the last to get stuff as in food shelter and as they where mostly treated badly by betas and alphas.

~I'onna Pitts

Some omega werewolves can have a pack but they are still the weakest and most can't transform , the only thing that changes is the color of their eyes,and their teeth and nails sharpen.

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