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Werewolf pack

Pack on full moon

The only known werewolf (lycanthropeia)is h made by the alpha.He is now the alpha of his own pack he had a son



A Shape Shifted Red-eyed Werewolf

Alpha werewolves are created through another alpha's bite or spell. Betas must kill their alpha or another through duel or murder to become one themselves. Alphas can be created when an alpha transfers it power onto a beta. Alphas lead their packs and discipline betas.

Alpha Powers and Abilities: Alpha Call- Alphas can howl to call their betas to them, or can roar at their pack members to drive them into submission.

Physical Dominance- Alphas are stronger than their lesser betas, more members of the pack means all current members become stronger. Wounds inflicted by an alpha take longer to heal.

Enhanced Senses- Alphas have better senses than betas.

Healing- An alpha's healing power is stronger than a beta's.

Shape-Shifting- An Alpha has the ability to shift into a higher degree of wolf than a beta. Some look like normal wolves and others look like bipedal monsters. They fuck a lot Memory Access- Alphas can access memories by inserting their claws into the back of their neck.

Enhanced Beta Abilities- Alphas retain their basic beta abilities but are now stronger.

Mind Links- Alphas, like all werewolves have the ability to talk to pack members

they run and do more. their wolfs are larger.

A normal Yellow-eyed Beta

Omega Edit

Omega Werewolves are one of the weakest of the werewolf's and humans

An omega's eyes glow a darker shade of yellow or blue, almost green basically.

Omega Powers and Abilities

Weaker Beta Powers- Omegas have a stronger set of basic beta powers.

Shape-Shifting- An omega shifts into a lower more rabid degree of werewolf. Hair becomes longer and wild and frigid. Four fangs grow inside the mouth and nails grow into claws. The eyes change into a dark yellow or omega can be called a lone wolf.

Omegas (such as in Aphmau's ro

Emerald Secret) are usually the outcasts of the pack. they have been challenged by a werewolf and have lost which shames them now.

Omegas can challenge the alpha to become alpha and no longer be an omega.

They are the lowest in their pack and mostly fool around.

Unique CasesEdit


Rogues are betas or alphas that have decide to not be a pack member. Lone Wolves are wolves who have been kicked out of their respective packs, being the sole survivor of the pack or left on their own. Lone Wolves can keep almost all of their strength due to losing the additional pack powers.

Rogue Alpha
 is a strong individual who has the will and wisdom to lead and be an alpha but does not want to be and choose solitude for personal reasons. Or is just biding his time to strike and rise to be an alpha. Like Buddha, aragorn ,etc.

Rogue Beta is mostly like a lonewolf omega who has been kicked out of the clique and becomes like an omega. 

Rogue Omega is a man who wants to fit in but is weak and emotionally weak to do so. He makes friend with everyone and hopes to join a clique. Eventually he will have to choose solitude for he has no choice.

True power lurks inside you, you just have to find itEdit

A rare case happens once every century when a beta can become and alpha through strength of character or sheer force or will instead steal or kill.

Inter-species PackEdit

Sometimes a pack of werewolves can have a different shapeshifter as an unofficial member.

Alpha PackEdit

Alphas can kill their betas to gain their power and join together to create a makeshift pack or a beta or omega can kill all of his of her pack.


pups are well some of the other wolves kids but sometimes an alpha will refer to their pack members as pups and will treat them that way too.