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This is a list of powers that werewolves possesEdit


Powers And AbilitiesEdit

Werewolves are a combination of man and wolf. They can turn from human to wolf at will. They do not have any overly human strength, (except in Lupine form because all wolves are stronger than people) or healing. They just become wolves. While not a power the wolf has senses far, far, far better than a human. In human form things may vary, for instance if the werewolf is a constant shifter his senses will increase to a superhuman level, his flesh will toughen and his nail growth and strength will increase. If he doesn't shift often his senses will dull to a human level and his ability to shift will be lost. Werewolves are known as the guardians of the moon but do not change by the full moon...PERIOD and in wolf form they have human intellect.

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