This is a list of powers that werewolves possesEdit


Powers And AbilitiesEdit

Werewolves are man-wolf hybrids. Due to the fact of it's human blood fused with the blood of a wolf, a werewolf is given intense strength, speed, and stamina. When they first transform, they have no control over their actions, but with training and effort, they can learn to control the shift and know what they're doing.

Their senses are greatly increased by the wolf in their veins. They can hear, and smell better than anyone. They can see in the dark and far distances.

Being a werewolf gives one the ability to shapeshift, yet it varies depending on your status as a wolf. An alpha has the ability to turn into a full wolf/beast creature, where as beta's and omega's can only turn slightly, growing some hair, and claws, fangs, and glowing eyes.